How to market your article with offpage SEO solutions

Off page SEO solutions is the in-thing in SEO optimization.  Search engines now tend to favor off page SEO factors sometimes even more than on page factors.  It is important to move with the times and trends of present day internet marketing.  You would benefit from a carefully balanced combination of both off and on page SEO factors.  In this write up however the focus is on how to market your articles with off page SEO solutions.

A quick definition of off page SEO solutions would be, all SEO optimization factors and techniques carried out and found outside or off your page.  This means that you try to promote your web page by doing some things off your page or on pages of other sites.  Let’s learn more of it now.

For a search engine like Google for example each time a search is initiated, Google among other things takes into consideration the following SEO factors:

  • Number of websites that are linking to you
  • Type of sites linking to you
  • Page title of those websites that link to you
  • The Google PageRank of websites linking to you
  • Anchor text or keyword used to link to your site

Based from the above, it is clear to discern how to market your articles with off page SEO solutions.  Since the focus of many search engines is now on how relevant other sites see you it is necessary that you perfect off page SEO techniques.  Here are some tips on how to market your articles with off page SEO solutions.

  • Link as much sites to you. That is, use link exchange or submitting techniques but make sure that you get more sites to place a link to your website or article.
  • The website where you place your link should have similar or close title to yours.
  • They higher the rank of the site linking to you the better the benefit.  A PR6 with a link to your site is worth at least eight times that a link with a PR5 site.
  • Use anchor texts embedded with links back to your site or articles in other sites. Make sure you use appropriate, relevant keywords as anchor texts.
  • Submit as much articles as possible with other sites, the more the better. Aim for popular high ranking sites.

That’s it for now, watch out for more SEO tips coming your way.  Until then, happy freeSEOing!

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