Relationship between SEO and Web Design

Your web design is as important as using effective SEO techniques.  Your online marketing schemes would begin to work just when you understand the relationship between SEO and web design. Search engine optimization might bring traffic to your site, but the right web design and content is what would make the visitor remain and return to your site. The web content of your site determines your site’s success even more than right key words and other SEO technicalities.

How can you make effective use of the relationship between SEO and web design would likely be the next question. As usual I have some useful tips for you.

  • Make your web content readable.  That means it should be useful and relevant.  Sentences should be short and to the point.  Writing for a magazine is quite different from writing web content.  Most of the visitors might not want to delay; in fact experts say web content should be at least 50% shorter than regular write up.
  • Chunk like-information together.  Break total text to little similar paragraphs with cohesive connecting segments.  Make good use of short paragraphs and also take a leaf from us, bullet main points to make it stand out.  You can use color and bold options to highlight main points.  This makes the whole document easier to scan through.
  • Go direct to the main points.  The main gist of your article should be written first and the content built along the rest of the body.  The first few paragraphs should be able to convince the reader why he/she should continue reading and points to gather.
  • Make use of only appropriate images and pictures, relevant to your text.  Label your images and tables to make them detectable to search engines.
  • Your entire presentation should be pleasing to the eye, easy to read and navigate within.  There should be easy links to other parts of your site or other relevant articles.
  • It helps to have a chart of relevant points to guide you before you write any web content.  This serves as a guide and helps you not to forget any useful point.

A well designed site with appropriate useful content would make your site easily accessible to search engines and make your site visitors to remain and return and add you as favorites.  Remember the relationship between SEO and web designs, both deserve necessary attention to complement each other in achieving desired goals.  Do you have any other web design tips to share?  Tell us here.  Until next time, happy freeSEOing!

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