SEO for google Search Engine

In today’s business and generally in the research world, it imperative that information should be readily available to its seekers. Modern day research has revealed that a lot of people are constantly using search engines as their primary information source and Google search engine is the most popular of them all. It was however discovered the needed information are not always been obtainable even though they are available on a lot of websites which is the whole essence of the practice of using search engine optimization. Most times, this is because these websites do not know how to optimize SEO for google Search Engine.

SEO for google Search Engine generally involve the creation and analysis of keywords to determine the best suitable phrase for businesses and other service providing entities. This means that a search engine can be upgraded with some carefully selected keywords to meet the quest of information seeker which in turn enhances appreciable number of hits on website or domain names to the tune of which the search engine has been optimized.
To begin the optimization process, the initial ranking reports are carried out to find out where the current site is ranking, while the keyword page is created and implemented. The website usability session and functionality is also put in place to ensure it meets the listing criteria and search engine filters, while search engine friendly map, targeted and optimized title and tags including keywords and description are created respectively. If you are optimizing SEO for google Search Engine you should concentrate less on meta tags and more to having quality offsite links. You should use primary keyword with density of about 5% while secondary keywords should be about 1-2%.

It is however important that robots tags and robots text files are added to help search engine spiders to crawl the site with ease while picking the optimized key phrases. Title your article, URL and H1 tags using selected keywords.

Finally the submission of the pages to the google search engine is done which will ensure that domain name or websites are being ultimately displayed, anytime any of the optimized keywords are entered. You can also share your idea on other search engines by posting your comments. Until next time, happy freeSEOing!

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