SEO for blogs

Do you own a blog? Or are you planning to start one? There are two main reasons why blogs are becoming more popular nowaday. One is to take commercial advantage of Google Adsense and another is to make use of better ranking with search engines. Blogs are loved by search engines as they are updated regularly and if you use SEO for blogs, it tips. When a search is executed search engines would naturally opt for blogs with relevant content first. This is because blogs are usually updated regularly and search engines love fresh content. Continue reading “SEO for blogs”

How to pick the best keywords for SEO articles

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the methods of optimizing web content to make them more visible to search engines. When properly done, it improves your website ranking and makes your web pages easily picked up by search engines. Using the right keywords is very important. A well written article with poor choice of keywords would not be as successful as having the right keywords. Before talking about how to pick the best keywords for SEO articles, lets consider how search engines utilize keywords. Continue reading “How to pick the best keywords for SEO articles”