5 tips to rank at the top of search engines

By now you must have heard all about the importance of using SEO techniques to promote your website.  You might be wondering however, how to do that. Well you might need expert help but there are some simple techniques you can use yourself.  You do not have to be a professional; just take time to read these 5 tips to rank at the top of search engines.  Remember that most of your possible clients would not have the patience to search below the first 10 to 30 results. Instead of blaming them, just follow these tips to put your page on the top of the results seen by search engines. Continue reading “5 tips to rank at the top of search engines”

FREESEO stands for Free Search Engine Optimization

I am not going to waste my time explaining what SEO is all about on this site but a good definition can be obtained from Wikipedia Search Engine Optimazation  if you care.  Just click on the link.  In case you are wondering, freeseo.ca will be offering some basic SEO tips to you for free on a weekly basis.  So, stay tuned for weekly updates on this site.  That’s it for now. Continue reading “FREESEO stands for Free Search Engine Optimization”