Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the same as SEO spamming. It refers to the practice by some who open websites with little or no purpose than to trick search engines. The aim is to make the search engine come up with results that are irrelevant or little use to the searcher. Black hat technology makes use of automotive technology in creating countless of low quality sites. The website when visited would either use a cloaking of some kind or just redirect to a product sales page. The aim after all is to deceive the search engine user to visit a site that contains nothing more than a sales page.

Black hat SEO is more result oriented, the idea is to generate traffic fast. The method is frowned on. Its methods that might actually get websites to the top of display pages quickly but would eventually get the site banned when the search engine catches on. Black Hat, like spamming is not considered as an honorable method of generating traffic. With the time and resources put into building a website, this might not be the best SEO option for you.

White Hat SEO on the other end of the stick focuses on building quality sought after content. That is the primary motive and if done well, it achieves the secondary method which is to use SEO techniques to achieve top search engine ranking. This method of SEO also makes use of automation and technology in building websites only that the goals here are different. The websites and its content are designed and written with people in mind first and search engines second. The main tools with White Hat SEO are quality content and sound internet marketing tools, not automated websites.

White Hat SEO users recognize that top engine rankings take time and consistent updated quality content among other things. They do not try to force or hurry the results, the philosophy is “Content is King”, and this method firmly believes that in the long run quality content would win.

When considering which SEO hat to use, remember these points:

  • Black hat might be faster but in the end gets you banned.
  • Black hat SEO is frowned upon. It won’t get you or your site any respect.
  • Top search engine ranking takes time and consistent effort
  • In the end, White hat techniques pay off better because it understands that quality content always wins.

Leave your thoughts on this. Until next time, happy freeSEOing!