Advanced Link Building Idea

Link building is a very important feature of SEO. It could be used as a very effective off- page SEO technique. With link building, the aim is to develop quality links in other sites and places that point people back to your site. Links to your page from quality highly ranked sites help improve your own site’s ranking and that is why link building should be given the serious consideration that it deserves. There are a number of methods to actually do these successfully, but here are some advanced link building ideas:

  • Quality content
  • Submit articles to article sites (i.e,,, etc)
  • Write a well written press release and submit to some bloggers and press sites.
  • Make use of industry news sites, submit articles to them.
  • Answer questions in Google or Yahoo questions and provide your link
  • Submit articles or open a company page in sites like Wikipedia and Craiglist.
  • Review products in review sites and drop your links there.
  • Submit links in forums.
  • Open and maintain a blog with quality articles and your links.

These are just a few of possible link building ideas, but they are very effective if done properly. Quality content with useful information and no grammatical errors would always impress readers who would not only return, but also tell others. So whenever you do drop content always make sure that it tells well of you and your business.

Article sites like Ezinearticles and Goarticles are free to use but rank highly among search engines and so offer a very good opportunity to expose your links.

Google and Yahoo questions are used by many. When you take time to speak as a professional and answer people’s questions, they see you as an authority and would likely follow your suggestive links.

Review sites and forums rank high among consumers and customers, so use it to your advantage. A blog is also a very useful feature. Blogs are loved by search engine spiders. Post regularly and make sure your content is of very high quality. If you solve the reader’s problem or entertain him, he would seek you out through your link.

Any other ideas you want to share? Share it here. Until next time, happy freeSEOing!

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