Best SEO practices for web promotion

If you have a website, your mind is probably filled with thoughts on how to promote it. Website promotion is aimed at making a website more visible and popular by increasing the traffic to such a site. The competition is fierce as a lot of sites are fighting for attention using different marketing techniques. The good news is that you can successfully promote your website even if you are new at it. Here is a list of some of the best SEO practices for web promotion compiled to help you.

  • Get a new link from Web Directories and sites related to your topic.
  • Go for H1 and h2 instead of font tags to headline your site.
  • Write to impress human readers and not just spiders or robots of search engines.
  • Title tags on each page should contain relevant keywords to be visible to search engines.
  • Use meta description and useful keyword tags.
  • Web content should be as short as possible.  Long content should be broken down into different pages with title-baiting tags.
  • Use correct HTML coding.  Also use validation tools such as W3C Markup Validation Service to check the syntax of each page
  • Site with regular updated content gets higher rankings.  Try to update your site regularly and increase the number of pages of your website.  Even if it is more than 10 pages already continue to increase by regular updates.
  • Program such as Wordtracker can help you find most common keywords used to search on your topics.
  • Go to Google’s Webmaster Tools area and create your own sitemap and have it registered there.

If you have any other tips you want to share with others, please reply here.  Until next time, happy freeSEOing!

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