Best SEO practices

There are a lot of useful SEO practices that it might take some to actually refer to a few of them as best SEO practices. With careful consideration however, I can refer to this list as very useful SEO practices.  These are the best out of the lot of many. If you are new to the concept of SEO, these simple steps can set you on your way to getting more traffic on your sites.

  • Try to have your keywords or keyword in your title bar. The title bar is one of the first places to be searched by spiders and robots of search engines.
  • When talking about SEO best practices, one cannot mention enough about keywords. Having the keyword in your URL is also very useful. It might not be in the name of your domain but can be in the name of the link within your site so that it gets placed in your URL as
  • Check the keyword density of your article or web content.  Striking the right key word density is important to make it more visible to search engines.  3-7 % is recommended for main keywords while 1- 2% is appropriate for secondary keywords.  Keywords up to 10% look unnatural and stuffed.
  • It helps to use chosen keywords in the beginning of the document. The first few lines of the document should contain at least a keyword.
  • Spiders and robots don’t read images but can pick up the label and tags you place under or above such images. It would help to label images skillfully using the keywords.
  • It helps to use keywords in the text with embedded links to sites or other articles for further information.  This serves as a reference for you from the other site.
  • Try to use unbroken keywords or keywords phrases. If the keyword is ‘Search Engine Optimazation’ then, try to use it together with nothing in between the two words. You can also use both separately.
  • There are probably many sites out there trying to do what you are doing which is, optimize their ranking using keywords optimization. To make yourself unique, you can optimize secondary keywords which are relevant also, but likely to be ignored by the majority. For example if ‘SEO practices’ is the keyword phrase you should optimize it as well as optimizing ‘best SEO practices’. More people are likely to optimize for ‘color Tv’ searches but you gain an advantage among the relatively few who would search for ‘best’ SEO practices.

 Take time to study SEO techniques and fully understand and implement the best practices and reap the benefits substantiallyUntil next time, happy freeSEOing!

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