SEO for blogs

Do you own a blog? Or are you planning to start one? There are two main reasons why blogs are becoming more popular nowaday. One is to take commercial advantage of Google Adsense and another is to make use of better ranking with search engines. Blogs are loved by search engines as they are updated regularly and if you use SEO for blogs, it tips. When a search is executed search engines would naturally opt for blogs with relevant content first. This is because blogs are usually updated regularly and search engines love fresh content.

So how do you effectively use SEO for blogs? The first step is to choose the right Blogging site. The two top blogging sites are arguably Blogger and WordPress (FreeSEO is using WordPress :)). Blogger might be the better option as it is owned by Google and thus be searched faster and more frequently. But I personally like the features and plugins that WordPress offers. This does not mean however, that you need to be on Blogger to be successful or that you can’t attain success somewhere else.

The nature of blogs makes them different from sites. Their power of blogs is in the frequency of the post. If you can make up to 3 posts a day, then search engines would be actively spidering and crawling all over your site. This would optimize the ranking of your blog on search engine results, making it more visible and easily seen and picked. If your blog topic is a hot one on the internet then you can be sure of getting high traffic amount and clicks.

Okay, let’s slow pedal on the basics and give you actual SEO for blogs tips. These tips are quite important taking cognizance of the fact that blogs are just few pages long.

  • Link-baiting refers to using appropriate catchy titles to attract both the search engine as well as the reader
  • Try using relevant blog keywords in naming the blog title – this may be difficult but it helps to keep blog content related to topic and keywords
  • Remember to use H1 tags – Blog editors allow you customize templates, try to stylize your catchy blog title in the H1 or heading tags
  • Link other blogs – Try to provide links to other related blogs your readers may still find interesting and ask that you are linked in return
  • Remember your archives – Provide ways to access past blog topics. A topic that is not hot now can become hot later. Make it easy for readers to find past posts
  • Remember to post regularly. Two to three paragraphs plus a few useful links might be all you need to post daily

That’s all i have for now. If you have anything else you want to add to the list, hey, don’t be shy! Until next time, happy freeSEOing!

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